Interview with Mr. Sergey Kolcowy

Interview with Mr. Sergey Kolcowy, Dr. Piotr Gutowski.

Dr. Piotr Gutowski, as an expert on Kolcov tiles, water structurizers and other natural medicine devices, tries to explain to Sergey Koltsov, the creator of tiles, also known as KFSki, how they differ from the mass of various tiles, applicators, structurizers and energizers of water and the human body. Sergey Kolcov is not criticizing, but showing where the difference lies. He takes me, does not ‘steal’ me, I do not energize my plates, he in a special way duplicates places of power, the properties of water or herbs and other plants, brings them closer to us. We provide the content of the conversation:

Piotr Gutowski: Mr. Kolcov, please tell us how KFSki, that is an abbreviation for Correctors of Human Functional State, known in Poland as Kolcova plates, differ from the mass of various energizers, dowsing devices, structurizers, which we have a lot in Poland? According to the descriptions of their producers, these are strong products and should have a beneficial effect on water. Yes or no? What is the difference between them and Kolcova tiles?

Sergiej Kolcov – The main difference is that most modern structurizers are made as closed systems. The point is that all devices of this type, including even medical ones, perceive the external environment as a threat to humans, something alien. And KFS are made to associate the waves of the external environment with the waves in the human body. Because the very concept of health is primarily the harmony of our body with the external environment.

Piotr Gutowski – Let me ask you again, what are the differences between KFS and energizers in Poland? They say they regulate the PH level in the water?

Sergiej Kolcov – The KFS themselves do not regulate the PH level, because they do not have enough power. To do this you have to work hard. She has a different job. Other, very delicate energies of the natural environment act as correctors in the plates. And I’m going here the most important thing – to change the water information. It is enough. Other energizers are out of sync with the body’s rhythm. If someone tried to synchronize them, it does not mean that they will immediately resonate with the human psyche and physiology.

Piotr Gutowski – You once told me that you were inspired by Tesla and the Sztaunbergers who based their inventions on natural observations.

Sergiej Kolcov – Yes, they are basically natural processes. There are RECORDING of healing energies of herbs, minerals, water springs and places of power in KFS. It is so that natural energies can return to living in a modern, urbanized society, often without constant contact with human nature.

Piotr Gutowski – I understand, so I have the right to present Mr. Kolcov as a man who records the energy of plants or other natural energies for the benefit of today’s society?

Sergey Koltsov – So that in any situation it would be possible for man to return to the rhythm of nature that surrounds man, everywhere, even in his home.

Piotr Gutowski -, you record or take energy, just like a bee takes nectar from flowers … Is it like you “steal” information from nature?

Sergey Kolcov – I do not steal, but I prevent the destruction of trees, medicinal herbs, because by recording information once, you can use it many times and you do not have to, for example, tear these herbs from the ground each time. This is pure informational medicine.

Thank you very much, Mr. Sergey, I look forward to more meetings. Happy birthday !!!

Sergey Kolcov: Thank you, reciprocally …

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