The main purpose of the “Places of Power” series, “zelone” KFS is to position and preserve the subtle human bodies. We are always in the energy movement, the wave flows around us, creates our field, and is constantly active. When more concentrated energy enters our field, this movement is accelerated and many life processes progress faster. We receive additional impulses of this positive energy that helps us stay active longer and constantly, which brings harmony and balance.


KFS blue series: cosmoenergetic channels, polarization of images of medicinal plants, Ayurvedic preparations, minerals and a set of themes developed by Masaru Emoto. Masaru Emoto – a famous Japanese researcher, doctor, head of the Hado Institute in Tokyo, studies information about the properties of water. Ayurveda (from Sct. “Pure knowledge”) – the oldest holistic system of Vedic medicine, comprehensive knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and a worldview on how to be in harmony with nature. Established over 5,000 years ago. Recognized by the World Health Organization (UN) as an effective alternative medicine system.


All KFS from the “Kosmoenergy” series clean, restore and harmonize all elements of the human information system about energy: energy chakras, energy channels, biofields. The main distinguishing feature of the KFS series. ” Kosmoenergy ” is full information protection. The ability to replicate cosmoenergetic programs through aquatic environments makes them accessible and does not require special initiation. ” Kosmoenergy ” – a method of harmonization, improvement of man and the environment, a method of studying the fundamental laws of the universe using information about energy.


All channels of the MAYA Space Theurgy work through consciousness. No wonder they say: “Health is a mirror of consciousness!” Eastern psychosomatics and healing practices, directly e

xplaining that human physical and mental health, his success in various areas of life depends on internal harmony, self-esteem, self-love and neighbor’s love. “Kosmic Theurgy” “MAYA” channels are registered in the “golden” series of KFS, aimed at eliminating the root causes of diseases.EXCLUSIVE SERIES

The exclusive CFS series has been designed to improve, prevent and increase the vibration level of CFS users.
All Equalizers of the Exclusive series are distinguished by the uniqueness of the information stored on them: they contribute to solving specific problems related to body improvement, working with type and general systems, contribute to increasing the level of vibration of a person throughout his life in new rhythms and energies of the planet.


A series of unique collection tiles – one of a kind. Collection tiles due to the new delivery are under development – they will soon be available with translations.


The elite KFS series is endless new possibilities for each user, enabling the development of his personality, increasing the level of emotional intelligence, awareness and responsibility for the world.
KFS Elite series – a really effective tool in the process of getting to know yourself and the universe. They teach you to trust your minds! Unique motifs, orientation and impact effectiveness, structuring time, original gold-plated, metalized housing. Each passport has a personal signature by S. Koltsov. – KFS programmer!


Winter series 2020 – an interesting collection of unique topics designed to start the processes of self-regulation of the body, strengthen the protective forces and restore the appropriate personal energy level.


The KFS bracelet is a stylish accessory, a clear combination of comfort, individuality, relevance, functionality, performance and directional impact that the bracelet has on the user in accordance with the topics written on it.

The wrist is the narrowest place where important blood arteries and energy points are located, which are responsible for the work of the organs of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems. And the local information and energy effect in this part of the palm has a particularly effective effect on the human body as a whole: health and the level of its energy, because according to information medicine, the human body is not only a physical body, but also energy centers, meridians and a biological field.
Each KFS bracelet consists of 8 elements – 2 elements of each type (motive)
All 8 elements harmoniously complement and strengthen each other.
They have a mild systemic effect on the body.
Comfortable and safe to use.