Mikolaj Gutowski
Piotr Gutowski

Using the Kolcova plate, i.e. the biocorrector of the functional state of man:
Drink structured water in an amount of 30 ml per 1 kg body weight (60 kg weight – 1.8 l per day). Note: the amount of water / fluid should not be large, however, so as not to burden the heart and kidneys!
Wear KFS on your body depending on the problem. Time from time changing location.
It is recommended to drink 1 glass of KFS water in the morning and during the day in small doses by body weight – the more often the small amounts, the better;
I recommend structuring salt and sugar – these products quickly structure and can be used by the whole family;
For pain, inflammation, burns, fractures and injuries, apply directly to the affected area;
Kolcova / KFS biocorrector / platelet function involves structuring blood, lymph, intercellular fluid, all body fluids;
Water structured by plate-biocorrectors can be used for all hygiene procedures, e.g. washing hands, face teeth, and other baths.
I recommend using this water for washing fruit and vegetables !!!
The use of tiles, their action is part of information medicine. The effect is the reconstruction of the energetic state of the body: (energetic and physical cleansing of the musculoskeletal, nervous, blood and spine systems);
Biocorrectors / KFS can be used for structuring / loading ointments, creams, all cosmetics;
If there is a need, KFS also transmits information by photo / Treat it as a quantum physics phenomenon.
Can be used for healing animals and plants – please check the animal’s response to water!
KFS biocorrector plates work through metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics;
The combination of structured water with other water causes the whole to be structured, because structured water has the ability to transfer information.

I discovered the extraordinary world of dowsing, biotherapy and natural medicine for over 30 years ago. I see / feel human halos, I have the gift of healing. I have long known the positive effects of structured water and creams. I even produced energy-charged things that helped me suffer or provide new quality to known products. At the same time, there are a large number of different types of energizers in Poland based on magnesium or currents that change water quality.



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