-Better blood circulation
-Swollen legs relief
-Post-injury recovery
-Better overall body tone

Recommended for

People standing long at work:
Hairdressers, surgeons, sales staff, waiters, teachers, cooks. Poor functioning of calf and foot muscles decreases vascular tone, hampers the venous outflow from the legs, which in turn triggers venous congestion, leg swelling, heavy legs and even cramps.

Regular exercise increases the risk of sprains or strains. Power exercises provoke leg swelling.

Manual labor workers:
Frequent loads on the legs trigger lower limb musculoskeletal disorders.

Senior people:
Today, every third woman and every tenth man suffers from lower limb diseases, which often hit at the productive age of 30-40. Upon retirement, the risk of serious foot diseases grows exponentially.

Women aged 30+:
More than 30 million people suffer from varicose veins in Russia. Women are more frequent victims than men. Statistics show that every fifth woman over 45 has varicose veins.


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