-Skin tone-up
-Facial tension relief
-Anti-wrinkle effect
-Better complexion
-Better sleep
-Emotional stress relief
-Headache relief

Recommended for

Women aged 30+:
At this age, cell regeneration slows down dramatically, the skin loses its tone due to slower collagen and elastin synthesis and the first wrinkles appear.

People with high-risk jobs:
Regular emotional stress has a devastating effect on human health. Police officers, rescuers, mental health counselors, teachers are prone to emotional burnout. Most people with stressful jobs have sleep disorders.
Night shift workers:
Working at night disturbs sleep/wake cycles, i.e., circadian rhythms. This lifestyle can provoke a number of diseases.


Long focus on texts causes fatigue, a serious stress for eyes and the human psyche.

Senior people:
Among pain syndromes in senior people, headache ranks third in prevalence, following just by joint and back pain.

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