The exclusive series of KFS is designed for health improvement, prevention, and increasing the vibration level of KFS users.
All correctors of the Exclusive series are distinguished by the uniqueness of the information written on them: they contribute to solving specific issues on the health of the body, work with the genus and generic systems, and contribute to an increase in the vibrational level of a person for a full life in new rhythms and energies of the planet.
Among the FSCs of the Exclusive series there are 2 special Correctors, which are created annually based on the results of studying the dynamic changes in the energy-informational characteristics of water during Epiphany (on the night of January 18-19 each year). These are KFS “NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC” and “LIVING WATER”. These 2 KFS are valid only for one year.
Also in the Exclusive Series are unique FSCs that the Company has produced specifically for birthdays and anniversaries over the past few years.
• Polarization of water sources from various, sometimes inaccessible corners of the planet
• Cosmoenergetic channels – energy flows of various vibrations, energy-informational cosmic fields that affect the human biofield, his soul, consciousness and physical body
• Channels of Cosmic Theurgy “MAYA” (this is an innovative method of restoring health, karma, personal life, business, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, rejuvenation)

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