Space Theurgy “MAYA” is an innovative technique aimed at restoring health, increasing spirituality, improving personal life, business, and interpersonal relationships.
A person’s excellent well-being, his success, fulfillment in various areas of life depend on an inner feeling of harmony, high self-esteem, love for oneself and others.
On the contrary, indifference to one’s fate, envy, greed, irritability, hatred, fears give rise to negative thought forms and destructive behavior. When the balance of energies in the body is disturbed, a person attracts various destructive programs, and as a result, his physical and mental health suffers.
All channels work through consciousness. No wonder they say: “Health is a mirror of consciousness.” Thanks to these channels, you can receive settings from the Creator, his golden energy.
KFS are intermediaries between man and the Creator. Therefore, each user bears colossal responsibility for their thought forms and actions.