-Overall relaxation
-Stress and tension relief
-Better overall body tone
-Better functioning of all body systems
Recommended for
Office staff:
In 2009, Dr. Peter Katzmerzek and his colleagues at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center (USA) published an important study that those who sat for most of the day were 50% more likely to get chronic conditions than the most “restless”. Moreover, both control groups had approximately the same average age, weight, level of alcohol consumption and level of general physical activity. People with mentally demanding jobs:
Regular emotional stress has a devastating effect on human health. Police officers, rescuers, mental health counselors, teachers are prone to emotional burnout. Most people with stressful jobs have sleep disorders..
Long focus on texts causes fatigue, a serious stress for eyes and the human psyche.
Night shift workers:
Working at night disturbs sleep/wake cycles, i.e., circadian rhythms. This lifestyle can provoke a number of chronic diseases.
Big city residents:
Bad environment has a destructive effect on human health.
Senior people:
Today, every third woman and every tenth man suffers from lower limb diseases, which often hit at the productive age of 30-40. Upon retirement, the risk of serious foot disorders grows exponentially.
Regular exertion and damage to various muscle groups are co-triggers of chronic diseases.