Cell phone users often complain of headaches, dizziness and nausea, decreased vision and hearing, and skin irritation. According to the conclusions of scientists, cell phones during work increase a person’s blood pressure, and prolonged use of a mobile phone can lead to serious disruption of the kidneys and circulatory organs. The most frequent and strong effect of electromagnetic radiation when talking on a mobile phone is to expose brain cells. This can lead to memory impairment, decreased focus, increased irritability and fatigue.
• Protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation
• Promotes the restoration of the biofield
• Corrects the functional state of the body
• Counteracts various energy-informational influences
• Harmonizes the surrounding space
The phone protection contains a set of cosmoenergy channels for expanding consciousness. The selection of topics prescribed in the Protection for the phone was aimed primarily at neutralizing the effect of aggregation (gluing) of erythrocytes, ensuring the possibility of their physiological functioning when using the phone.
The protection should be glued not only to the cell phone case, it is also advisable to use it on any device that emits radio signals, for example, on a wireless city phone (and a base too), baby monitors, routers and devices with Wi-Fi .