CFS Koltsov „Success”




The main function of CFS Koltsov „Success” – help in achieving the success and goals.

  • It helps to formulate goals and set priorities;
  • Increases the level of financial well-being;
  • Activates the internal capacity to achieve its goals;
  • Stroke prevention, contributes to a more rapid rehabilitation of post-stroke conditions;
  • It contributes to the realization of desires and intentions;
  • Contributes to harmonizing and synchronizing the operation of both cerebral hemispheres;
  • The ability to stimulate human learning;
  • It facilitates the identification and expression of life potential

At CFS 'SUCCESS’ spelled polarization following places of power: the center of the spiral on the mountain Shaman (Arch), Big River Karaganka (Arch), a mountain of Mind (Arch), a spring in the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, dolmens, „cheerfulness, Purpose,” „Thor”; Lena pillars (Iakutiia).

At CFS „success” of the new generation of 5-element additionally registered set kosmoenergeticheskih channels „Formula for Success”.

Buy CFS Koltsov „success” and you can get advice, „Center Region” company in our office partners.

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